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BC Local Election Results 2022

This site contains unofficial results. Official results are declared by local election officials by no later than 4pm, October 19th, 2022.
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1. What is CivicInfo BC?
CivicInfo BC is a not-for-profit local government information service. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors representing British Columbia's local governments and related public sector organizations. We are not a for-profit organization. We are non-partisan and independent.

2. What, exactly, is CivicInfo BC's role in local elections?
As a public service, CivicInfo BC collects and reports province-wide information about candidates who run for office at the local level. On election night (October 15, 2022) we will be posting province-wide unofficial results as reported by Chief Election Officers in municipalities, regional districts, and school districts. This information is also provided to the media, the Province of BC, the Union of BC Municipalities, the BC School Trustees Association, and others. CivicInfo BC is the one and only organization in British Columbia that provides this service, although the organizations who download our list will sometimes make it available through their own websites.

1. Does CivicInfo BC have a complete lists of local government and school district candidates, from all jurisdictions in the province?

2. Where does CivicInfo BC get its information?
Directly from 251 local government and school district chief election officers, or their designates, across British Columbia. In most cases, the election officers enter the data themselves. Occasionally, and on request, CivicInfo BC will assist an election officer with data entry.

3. Are CivicInfo BC's lists 100% accurate?
We believe our lists to be accurate, especially since the data comes directly from Chief Election Officers. That said, human error is always possible. In the event of a discrepancy between our lists and the lists maintained by a local government or school district, the latter is deemed to be correct.

4. Province-wide, how many candidates are running for office?
In an normal British Columbia local general election, over 3,000 candidates run for office.


1. When will CivicInfo BC have complete, unofficial local government election results?
Chief election officers from all local governments and school districts have been asked to provide their results to CivicInfo BC as soon as possible, after the polls close at 8pm on October 15.

Local governments that use automatic vote counting machines tend to report results very quickly - usually within an hour or two of the polls closing. Those that count ballots by hand can take much longer. And in rare cases, tie votes and recounts can result in delayed reporting.

2. After the polls close on October 15, where will you be posting results?
CivicInfo BC shares results with many of the province's major media outlets, including the CBC, the Black Press, CTV, the Vancouver Sun, and more. Media organizations are encouraged to contact CivicInfo BC to obtain access to specialized election reporting tools.

CivicInfo BC will also post results at Results will be updated every 5 minutes.
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